Climate Myths – Columns & Letters

Climate myths run rampant world wide and locally as the following links aptly point out.  The files on this page are columns and letters which have been published in the Las Cruces Sun News.

Bob Endlich’s Comments – 26 Mar 2017 Paskus Climate Op Ed

Mythical Climate Change 97% Consensus

Sun-News Watson Name-calling Bob Replies Mar 2016

Mythical Methane Hot Spot Over New Mexico


Peter Goodman’s column on Global Warming is full of Hot Air Jul 2012

Sun-News Letter IPCC Ignores Contradicting Data 28 Oct 2013

Another Climate Prediction Failure this Winter Sun-News Letter 3 Mar 2014

Climate Predictive Models Have Failed Sun-News Letter 14 Dec 2013

Let’s Deal with the Facts on Global Warming Sun-News Op Ed 13 Jul 2009

Don’t Risk Economy on Worthless Predictions – Dave Toftsted’s 26 Apr 2o17 Sun-News Letter

Bob Endlich’s Comments Regarding Mythical Claims by State Climatologist Following Dave Toftsted’s 26 Apr 2017 Sun-News Letter

Bob Endlich’s Sun-News Letter, 1 May 2017, Questions that challenge global warming claims.

Bob Endlich’s 11 May 2017 Guest Blog on wattsupwiththat, NPR Bungles Sea Level Rise Story.

Bob Endlich’s 20 May 2017 letter to Sun-News, “Data disprove climate change theories.”

Bob Endlich’s 12 June 2017 reply to letter that appeared in the Sun-News in which President Trump was slammed for  pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.